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About Us

Have you ever heard of a clothing line that was born from a basketball game and a trip to the hospital and became one of the top urban streetwear brands? Crazy right?! I started Hella Original after rupturing an achilles in a pick up game, and being allotted the time to be creative as a result of it. After watching hours of television and being bored out of my mind, I picked up the phone and called one of my closest friends looking for more tv recommendations. What I got instead was a question that sparked a movement that is still growing today, "Why are you watching so much tv? Didn't you say you always wanted to make clothes? Why don't you work on that instead?"

He was right and I went right to work. Hella Original was created to give an opportunity for our customers to bravely brand themselves and advertise their own individualism and originality. With urban style, and street fashion in mind, Hella Original clothes look to separate from the masses and bring individuality to the forefront. Hella Original was born from hip hop music, with hip hop style, and changes the landscape of what is considered as urban outfits. It's our desire to inspire others to proclaim their own greatness despite any setbacks they are faced with in life, and look fantastic in the process.