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Humpty Dance, where art thou?

When's the last time you had a family reunion? You know the one where you bust out the grill, get the cousins together, and spend hours at the domino table? A lot of times the most entertaining part of getting the fam together is when the music comes on and the kids go in. Nothing will bring on the laughter more than a two year old getting his Michael Jackson on. But times done changed! Music isn't the same, the robot ain't walking through that door, the Smurf has long gone, the Cabbage Patch retired with the Moonwalk. So what are the kids breaking out these days when mama says, "Show em what you working wit?" Well, Comedian Shed G has the answer! 

Shed is absolutely hilarious! I follow him on Instagram @shedg, watch his videos, and keep up with his vent sessions on YouTube. This video cracked me up!